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Manjeera Digital Systems

Christened after the “lifeline of the city” (Hyderabad), the Manjeera river, Manjeera Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd. is designing next generation computing architectures for high performance computing. Their patent pending Middle Stratum Operations (MSO)-based architecture leads to a disruptive technology bringing a fundamentally different approach to computing with very high performance at low power consumption.

Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA)

An Award Winning Hardware IP with Software Flexibility


A Digital Frontier for Disruptive Technology

Range of IPs that fit low power as well as  high performance requirements


  • Silicon verified UMA IP for ASIC integration
  • Scalable
    • Vector Length: 4 – 16
    • Number Of Cores: 1 – 32
    • Local Memory: Upto 256KB
    • Custom Instructions


A New Era in Global Positioning

MDS DB-01 is a system-on-a-chip based on cores comprising the high performance computing IP Universal Multifunction Accelerator (UMA). With its simple interfaces, DB-01 is useful in applications such as Base Band Processing, Acceleration of Vision and Artificial Intelligence algorithms.


  • MDSBD01 – Applications
    • NAVIC – IRNSS based positioning system
    • Radar and Communication
    • Vision and AI Workload Acceleration

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We work with big and small companies

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High Performance

Enabling Neural Networks (AI/ML/CNN/DNN), Machine Learning

Full Programmability

Middle Stratum Operations Based Computing

Future Ready

Run time configurability allowing acceleration of any future algorithms.