Job Posting

We are looking for enthusiastic, innovative thinking, and strongly motivated candidates for the opportunities listed below. Fresh college grads as well as experienced (up to six years) candidates can submit their resumes. Candidates with Master’s or higher degrees in relevant subjects are welcome to apply too.


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Our common expectations from all applying candidates are:


  • Problem-solving skills
  • Eye for detail
  • Strong debugging skills
  • Commitment to quality
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


RTL Design:


Basic Requirements:


  • Hands-on experience in RTL design and verification using Verilog/System Verilog and front-end design/verification tools & flows
  • Ability to work with a team of hardware and software engineers to define and implement the high-level architecture
  • Deliver RTL Design and Coding for various sections of an SoC and related logic
  • Work on IP development using standard coding guidelines.




  • Experience working with the physical design team and awareness of physical design requirements
  • Familiarity with Synopsys EDA tools & FPGA prototyping
  • Knowledge of AMBA protocol, PCIE, and DDR, and VLSI design flow
  • Strong knowledge of IP/SOC design methodologies


RTL Verification


Basic Requirements:


  • Strong knowledge of digital electronics and basic VLSI design flow 
  • Proficient in Verilog, System Verilog , C 
  • Be able to understand design specification and come up with the test cases and implement test benches
  • Knowledge of AMBA protocol, PCIE, and DDR is a bonus




  • Expertise in front-end verification using System Verilog-based testbenches.
  • Should have developed System Verilog /C based test cases and participated in complete verification cycle including coverage closure and Gate Level Synthesis
  • Good understanding of integrating C with System Verilog test cases
  • Able to define verification methodologies and quality metrics for verification projects.
  • should have expertise in defining test plans for Block, IP, Sub-System and SoC verification
  • Expertise with ASIC simulation, regressions, and coverage tracking tools.
  • Experience in defining and closing coverage requirements.


DSP, AI, and Embedded Software Development


Basic Requirements:


  • Deep understanding of digital signal processing
  • Strong mathematical skills
  • Knowledge of Neural Networks and their usage and implementation
  • Programming Languages: C, Matlab, Python
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux
  • Designing, developing, coding, testing, and debugging ported software with predefined libraries
  • Desirable to have experience on GPS or IRNSS navigation-based projects.




  • Experienced with protocols like SPI, UART, I2C in embedded development.
  • Designing and implementing software of embedded devices and systems
  • Strong background in software development and testing procedures
  • Understanding of AI models and techniques
  • Understanding of AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, Pytorch, ONNX, OpenVino